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Googoogifts guide to planning a fantastic baby shower... is one of the leading online baby shower giftsretailers in the UK, providing mums to be, friends, relatives and work colleagues with a fantastic choice of unique, innovative and traditional baby shower gifts. We also know how to throw a great Baby Shower to boot, and as such we've put together the ultimate guide to planning a great baby shower, full of the latest, freshest and most fabulous ideas.


These days the location of a baby shower is more likely to be at the expectant mum's home or perhaps a close friends. Alternatively a restaurant or club house is chosen. What's important is that where ever you choose, it can easily set the stage for the games, gift opening and other festivities. If you decide on a restaurant or cafe you could consider holding the shower earlier in the day and have a baby shower breakfast or baby brunch!

Depending on the time of year you may want to consider a lovely summer picnic shower in your local park, if money and time are no objective you could hold it at a spa. For those with friends far and wide, why not consider a virtual baby shower, by getting all your friends together for a live online chat and post lots of photo's and messages for the new mum. You can send any gifts by post.

  Baby Shower History

Before we start our guide let’s look back at the origins of the baby shower, after all its still quite a new phenonamen in the UK.

Like a lot of things these days, we can thank our American cousins for the increasing popularity of baby shower parties. Unsurprisingly, the celebration of a new child has been popular for time immemorial. Through the years it has always been a tradition for friends and family to bring handmade gifts to the new family. In the late 19th century Victorian women began hosting tea parties for expecting mothers, this is how the umbrella became symbolic at showers; it was tradition to carry an umbrella to these afternoon affairs.

Baby showers as we know them today, lunching, drinking (non-alcoholic of course for the mum to be), birth weight bingo and the giving of gifts gained momentum in the 1990's and coincided with our current 'celebrity culture' with expectant mothers like Victoria Beckham holding a baby shower prior to the birth of her first son Brooklyn. In 2013 the year of a new Royal Baby, the attention will be on Kate Middleton and all eyes will be looking to see if our modern Royals also follow this new tradition.

So Kate if you're reading this, we'd love 'by Royal Appointment' on our fabulous baby shower gifts here at


Similar to hen parties, themes are a fun way to make the whole party come together, from the invitations to food and even the kind of gifts that are given. The number of themes for baby showers is endless. Some of the most common are colours (blue for boy, pink for girl), nursery - help fill the new baby’s nursery or nursery rhyme-themed, clothesline - hang baby clothes for decoration, gift, game and nappies, for exmpale guests bring different sized nappies and/or make a nappy cake. Perhaps in the year of a Royal Baby, why not hold a 'Little Prince or Princess' themed baby shower? There are lots of gifts and decorations that fit into a Royal theme.



There are loads of fun, baby-themed invitations on the market today – with images of storks, teddy bears, rubber ducks, rattles, baby carriages, silhouettes of an expecting mother, and more. Several online businesses and stationery stores will custom-print the invitations for the shower, or another option is to hand print the invitation on similarly-themed stationery. Nothing quite beats the personal touch. We have a complete range of personalised baby shower gifts.

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Games & Activities

Games make great ice breakers at baby showers, as guests often come from different aspects of the mum-to-be’s life (family, work, university friends) and need to get to know one another. Here’s a list of some classic baby shower games:

Baby Bingo Number each present. As the guest of honour opens them, she calls out the number for people to mark on their bingo card. First person to bingo wins a prize.

Never Say Baby! When guests arrive, give them each a clothes peg. If someone says the word “baby,” that person gives up their peg to the person who caught them. Whoever has the most pegs at the end wins.

Measure the Tummy Each guest cuts a piece of ribbon or yarn to the estimated size of the mum-to-be’s belly. Everyone compares their length to her actual tummy – whoever is the closest wins!

Belly Casting For the not-so-shy mums-to-be, belly casting is an increasingly popular baby shower activity. Guests help apply plaster strips and warm water over the expecting mother’s torso. Once the plaster has set, the casting holds the beautiful shape of how the mom-to-be looked during her pregnancy. The sculpture can then be decorated (or left natural) and hung in the baby’s nursery. Belly Casting kits start from only £26.99





Finger foods are often the fare of choice for a baby shower, particularly when the party takes place at the mum to be's home. Sandwiches, crisps and dip, fruit salad and cut vegetables are staples. Finger foods are easy to prepare in advance and make for better mingling than a sit-down meal. They also tie back to the origins of baby showers where Victorian women hosted tea parties for expecting women. For drinks, punch is a favorite, as well as tea and other non-alcoholic drinks (out of respect for the abstaining guest of honor).

The highlight of baby shower food is frequently dessert. Baking and decorating a cake to look like a nappy, pregnant belly or baby’s bottom is classic.



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